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Independent Music

09 JUN 2016

Scenery Acoustic Session

Dave McConnell and Stephen Whiteman of Scenery recently sat down with me to talk about the band’s exponential growth over the last 12 months and where the next year can... Read On »
09 MAY 2016

Derry's Jazz and Big Band Festival 2016

Derry can sometimes feel like a glum place when remembering the magnitude of live acts and events which the city hosted in 2013. From Elvis Costello to the London Symphony... Read On »
05 MAY 2016

Review of the Parquet Court's Human Performance

A metronome like 4/4 beat which never alters, guitars strummed like an elastic band, bass licks that could fit in with Madness or the Rolling Stones and disgusted, disinterested vocals... Read On »
21 APR 2016

Music Streaming is Boosting Vinyl Sales

In the lead up to and following Record Store Day, there are always countless articles, radio and tv packages, polls, vox pops and general discussion about vinyl. This year, however,... Read On »
14 APR 2016

Audiophile Vinyl Quality Is Going HD

Modern entertainment has become all about quality. Rather snobbishly, I now find it hard to watch a film or television which isn't in 1080 or 720p. Much in the same... Read On »
17 FEB 2016

Releases to Love in February & March

The Coral - In Between After five years residing in the ‘where are they now’ file, The Coral have hit the festival line ups and album preorder charts of 2016... Read On »
11 FEB 2016

Best Releases Of January 2016

In an explosive month of releases, kicked off by the late, Thin White Duke’s ★ we look at some of the excellent releases of January.Villagers - Where Have You Been... Read On »
21 JAN 2016

The Long Awaited and Expected Return of the Vinyl Record

From those of us that are older, never losing faith, to the kids who, once unearthing their parent’s records, never buying another digital album, there are many of us that... Read On »