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Records to love in April

Despite the endless loss of music legends in 2016 the balance of the musical spectrum has provided us with so many excellent albums already, new and known acts have been pumping LPs out by the truck load. April continues to keep the flow going with new records galore.

Weezer - Weezer (The White Album)

Much like The Beatle’s White Album, Weezer’s self titled tenth studio album is about reclusion from the world. Unlike Rishikesh however, Weezer are hiding in the much less isolated and much better connected Westside of LA, self described as their “Beach album,” attempting to "return Weezer to their Nineties glory,” said the album’s producer Jake Sinclair. Whilst this is easier said than done, I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

Listen to the single ‘King of the World’ on youtube

Last of the Shadow Puppets - Everything You’ve Come To Expect

Unbelievably eight years after the supergroups creation, Alex Turner and Miles Kane return for their second album. A lot can happen in eight years and fans of the two will know that whilst their fashion and ego have altered their musical collaboration is literally Everything You’ve Come To Expect, baking in LA’s sun and drinking martinis, Turner tells Rolling Stone "the other guys (The Arctic Monkeys) just had babies, we'll get back to it at some point.” Turner jokes, "You wake up, do the eye mask, swan-dive into the avocado pond. Rinse that off, which isn't always easy.”

Lets hope that the cocktails, sun and fame haven't got to their creative juices. Their single certainly suggests it hasn’t.

Pet Shop Boys - Super

Unlucky number 13 for the Pet Shop Boys, Super is definitely not cursed as the Boys show they still have it, picking up where their last albums, Elysium and Electric, left off. Super has so much to unpack, political love songs, reminiscent reliving of club land and a cynical look at the city that made them. Fans will have no problem loving Super, negative outsiders have been disappointed though.

Decide for yourself with their single ‘The Pop Kids.’

Our Pick

Parquet Courts - Human Performance

Back without the disinterested attitude of their first four albums, which made them one of the greatest rock and roll punk band of the last five years. They don’t need it however as the Courts nail the sound which made us fall in love with them. Listening to their live Third Man records EP it had made me think for a long time that their brilliance was down to their early 70s’ punk and early 60s’ roots, not tight, not polished but nasty with a serious attitude. Human Performance has proved me wrong however, polished, tight and yet, inexplicable saying something which speaks to me like a 13 year old again. Like a common saying, I didn't think polishing would do the Parquet Courts roughness any favours but instead they’ve made the studio their own.

Dust illustrates my point exactly.