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Best Record Turntables on a Budget

We all want the best fidelity from our records, unlike a CD player, perfecting the sound of your records takes a little more love and patience. If it's an issue with your system, it can take time to test; the turntable, the cartridge, the amp, the speakers or the leads. If you are a new or rejuvenated vinyl fan, it can be hard to decide on the most reliable and affordable hi fi system. To help out we’ve compiled a list of the best turntables for cheap (enough).


Price: £219

Once owning the original PRO-JECT ELEMENTAL, I can vouch for the simplicity and beauty of this turntable. Easy to set up with a simple belt drive and a calibrating meter, these minimalist platters come with top of the range Ortofon cartilage for the finest vinyl fidelity. This has the future proof bonus of being USB so you can transfer the special feel of vinyl to your iPod (only in part).

NAD C556

Price: £249

Based upon the Rega RP1, you get a black finish and a different cartridge under NAD specifications. Another minimalist design for a minimalist set up, a rubber arm to reduce outside noise and rubber feet to keep your vinyl steady


Price: £380

A trendier look and better set up for a bigger price, top end Rega RB251 tonearm and Goldring Elektra cartridge to give a fresh and crisp sound from your crackle. A thick clear platter gives this turntable and high end futuristic look, with its enclosing lid, this turntable is a stunner!


Price: £399

If you were willing to splash near to £400, you could do so much worse than this gorgeous wooden finish turntable. A black varnish wood with the frosted metal dial finish give this a resiliently retro look which would allow it to be 1968’s most expensive and high quality turntable. Thankfully it’s not unlike a 60s turntable, it could last 50 years. Solid, pretty and value for money, the ONKYO CP would look great on my hi-fi.