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The Quirkiest Vinyl Releases

This week, you may have seen that Mondo are releasing a “Liquid Vinyl Record,” it's a elusive, exclusive 75 copy edition of James Horner’s Aliens soundtrack. Stunningly weird, the release isn’t the first time liquid has been used as a gimmick for a record and it wont be the last. We take a look at some of the strangest, most attractive gimmicks or quirks that a label has used on an exclusive record.

Jack White - Sixteen Saltines

RSD 2012, Jack White with his typical vinyl eccentricity released the first record to hold liquid. A gorgeous translucent blue ink, housed in clear vinyl is framed by a black border around the edge of the record. The 12” single, which is surly long gone from eBay listings, has a playable etching on its second side, Sixteen Saltines is the A-side with a cover of U2’s Love Is Blindness on it’s B-side. You would be one lucky record collector to store this baby.

Ty Segall - Mr. Face

Generally it seems that the artists to release inventive and excessive vinyl are the most eccentric in the business. Ty Segall certainly is that, I’ve spend far too long talking about the massive collection of releases he has had over the last 10 years but this is the one to slip through the net. Mr. Face was pressed on translucent red and blue vinyl, allowing the listener to use the records as a pair of old fashioned 3D glasses.

The Flamming Lips - Heady Fwends

A very, very strange one this, but then, it’s the Flaming Lips so not that strange. A collaborative album from RSD 2012, The Lips and collaborators including; Nick Cave, Erykah Badu, Ke$ha, and Chris Martin, injected the vinyl with real human blood from each artist. With only 10 copies made they priced them at $2500 a pop. It could be worse through, Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy had her own blood pressed into the wax of 300 copies of their record Say Yes To Love.

Breakbot - By Your Side

Taking their own cover seriously, Breakout released this chocolate record. Play it to listen to the album but you need to bite into this release to really digest it. I don't think I could help myself with this one to be honest.

Split Enz - True Colours

This one is really stunning. A Holographic playable etching makes this vinyl gorgeous, I’ve seen holograms on records but none that make you stop in your tracks like this. The Variable sleeve comes in yellow and purple and red and blue.