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Cleaning One's Precious Records

We vinyl junkies love to troll digital and CD users about their compressed, tainted audio quality. What we don't admit is dealing with skipping, scratches, dust collecting on our needles and our favourite album becoming unplayable.

I love the crackle, I do. It reminds me that I’m listening to vinyl, not something imperfect but none of us like hearing the same two bars of a track repeating for eternity.

Spare yourself the hassle and heartache by cleaning the dustiest, dirtiest of your black wax collection. We list some of the best products to clean your vinyl with.

Microfibre Cloths

Where? Everywhere from Tesco to the Pound Shop

Price? 30p - £10

Much like a gold HDMI vs a bronze HDMI, there is going to be no difference between a cheap and expensive microfibre cloth, now engrained as a household cleaning product; micro fibre cloths do a great job of cleaning vinyl. The fibres are tiny enough to squeeze in-between groves while covering whole tracks, great at lifting dust, oils and dirt.

Record Cleaning Brush

Where? Amazon, eBay or even your local record shop

Price? £10 - £25

Does what it says on the tin. Usually crushed velvet, record brushes lift dust and residue whilst taking upmost care of your grooves. Loads of brands are available as are lengths the brush will reach across one of the side of a record. The cornerstone cleaning product of DJs and collectors everywhere.

Cleaning Tone Arm

Where? eBay, Amazon

Price? £15 - £20

More for the established collector or enthusiast a cleaning arm can be useful in that it's always on the turntable and clears the the dust before the needle reaches the groove. Simply an arm with light weight and a small brush instead of a cartridge or needle. Clever, useful and cheap but can wreck the look of the turntable you've taken so long to look good.

Record Cleaning Mat

Where? Amazon, eBay

Price? £10 - £20

When furiously cleaning vinyl, it makes sense to not lay it on a dusty, particle ridden table. A specific mat which stops dust and small particles means you can brush, wipe and polish your record without fear.

Antistatic Cleaning Brushes

Where? eBay, Amazon

Price? £5 - £15

Unlike velvet cleaning brushes, theses bristled brushes also discharge the static which builds up on your black wax, which is what attracts dust and fluff as well as cleaning your record. Static can build up playing a record and in actually taking vinyl in and out of sleeves, making this a handy preventer in cleaning dusty records