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Public Service Broadcast 10

Various Artists

Catalogue: STA090. Smalltown America.


1 United Fruit - Three
2 Blacklisters - King Prick
3 Event Horses - Faces
4 Rams' Pocket Radio - Coal My Lips Are Sealed
5 Daily Life - Spirit Animal
6 Vvolves - Strange Blood
7 Our Krypton Son - Sunlight In The Ashes
8 General Fiasco - The Bottom
9 Battle For Paris - He-Man Womun Haters Club
10 Mnemotechnic - Shallow Goals


United Fruit - Discordant yet catchy Glaswegian noise, if you like ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead and McClusky. United Fruit's debut record 'Faultlines' is truly faultless. 'Three' is a stand out track right slap bang in the middle of a pretty immaculate record, full to the brim of catchy low-fi brilliance.
Blacklisters deliver riotous two-fisted hardcore rock from Leeds, if you like Pulled Apart By Horses, Deftones and Kong. From the very first chord to the very last fervent scream and every kick-ass drum beat in between, 'King Prick' is the kind of intense tuneage that makes chewing on some barbed wire seem like child's play.

Event Horses are the latest product of the staggeringly inventive Irish North Coast hardcore scene that brought you ASIWYFA and Axis Of. Their sound as is straight-up as it comes; and with that 'Horses exhibit a vitality, confidence and groove rarely seen in a band so new to the scene. Exciting times and tunes beckon...we can't wait.

Rams' Pocket Radio is Peter McCauley, a drummer, pianist and songwriter from Lisburn, Northern Ireland. Like Mew? Like Radiohead? This is for you. Unfettered personal expression is the focus, and with the timeless works of 1950's designer Dieter Rams in mind; purity, simplicity and longevity are the first concerns. 'Coal My Lips Are Sealed' has been a favourite in the STA camp for a while, it is honest powerful pop music, the type of song that you want to play on repeat and definitely will never get sick of. Coal is a true representation of the talent of Rams' Pocket Radio and the potential for great things.

Daily Life are from Manchester and enjoy playing guitars, banging on drums and listening to Silver Jews. Occasionally they write songs and play them together. 'Spirit Animal' is creepy low-fi rock and roll that is hard to shake. If Daily Life had been born in the mid 70s, Sub Pop would have been releasing their records in the mid 90s.

Vvolves - DIY is at the forefront of this Cardiff band's ambitions; they record and produce their own material as well as handcrafting all the artwork. Our kinda people. The intensely epic 'Strange Blood' recalls Vampire Weekend, Radiohead and James Blake at their finest. We love the space in this song, allowing the listener to be engulfed in prodigious guitars and bewitching vocals.

Our Krypton Son hails from STA's birthplace, Derry in Northern Ireland, and is the alter ego of Chris McConaghy whose debut self-titled record (due in September) is a Kubrickian fusion of The Cinematic Orchestra, Richard Hawley and Nick Drake. 'Sunlight In The Ashes' is a gorgeous slice of psychedelic dream pop.

General Fiasco's sound recalls the ragged soulfulness of early Strokes merged with the popchops of fellow countrymen Two Door Cinema Club. Since releasing their Infectious label debut in 2009 the band have toured the world and the experience shows; the band's new songs are sassy, sexy and mine previously undiscovered musical landscapes. On this exclusive and previously unreleased track - 'The Bottom' the band show their love of new-folk and treat us to a tender moment of vocal beauty.

Meet London five piece Battle For Paris. They make ferocious hardcore music combining duelling guitars with complex rhythms and throat-lacerating vocals circa Pulled Apart By Horses and Fall of Troy. Their debut album ‘Superstar’, due to be released later this year is sure to be quite something. 'He-Man Womun Haters Club' is expertly crafted and beautifully fierce, 2mins 36secs of raw energy. We love their tight, compelling sound - five guys united on a musical mission!

Mnemotechnic, bonjour. They started in 2009 in Brest, France when four musicians got together to create a strong and singular rock identity evocative of Soulwax, Death From Above 1979 and Not Squares. On stage, eye to eye with the audience, in the heat, in the distortion, through a piercing high voice, they deliver an electric storm. 'Shallow Goals' is best described by us as filthy sexy party music and by the band themselves as 'Imagine the sincere anger, noisiness and punk rock of At The Drive-In blended together with the dancy coolness of The Rapture.'

Additional Information:

"Here we are then, ten years since the inception of Smalltown America and an equivalent ten volumes of Public Service Broadcasting. So many great bands have graced the discography of this particular series: some gone, some now very famous - all of whom proud to release their music in a collective spirit of belligerence and independence. We started our label with a grand ideal - that of 'art over everything'. Sometimes we've deviated from that unconsciously, making wrong decisions and following our heads rather than our hearts. Each time though, we've come back to the realisation that the most important thing we can do is to document the journey of the artists we work with and love. This collection represents what we love right now in 2011; embodied in vinyl for the first time in the series' history as a testament to bands and writers the world over, who spend countless hours in rehearsal rooms, vans and recording studios endeavouring to break our hearts with a piece of timeless music for us to fall in love with. Play loud and with pride."
Team Smalltown America - August 2011 


Finally there's the Smalltown America 'Public Service Broadcast #10' compilation, ten new tracks from ten fine musical specimens. We love Smalltown America and you should too!
Rock Sound

Northern Irish independent label Smalltown America are home to so many 'under the radar gems', it can be hard to keep up. But fear not, because they run annual compilations and we'll be damned, here's their tenth in ten years, presented in luxury 12" vinyl. Get you! There's plenty of riffage to feast on here, not least thanks to the demonic ranting of Leeds' Blacklisters and the subversive skater metal of Event Horses. However, lo-fi indie pop gets a creative run around the block too: Daily Life might carry the usual Velvet Underground similarities but their balance of innocence and eeriness is quite captivating, while Cardiff's VVolves make twilit melancholy sound like a strangely endearing option with their ambient piano lament 'Strange Blood'. Meanwhile, General Fiasco prove that even underground indie types aren't beneath a bit of epic widescreen emotion with 'The Bottom'. It is however, back to the 360 degree attack of Kung Fu hardcore to the end of the record: Battle For Paris keep things short, violent and wildly imaginative with 'He-Man Womun Haters Club', managing to comporess three gibbering and insane songs into a lean two minutes. Grand madness! 5/5

This worthwhile limited edition vinyl release celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Derry-based label. There are 10 tracks in a broad range of styles which showcase the best that the Irish imprint has to offer. 4/5
Irish Star