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For All You ABC - 1s Out There


Catalogue: STA075. Smalltown America.


1 Paper Cut
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2 Way Crowds Move
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3 River Cottage Industrial Complex
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4 Three Bridges
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5 Blakey Junction
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"FOR ALL YOU ABC-1S OUT THERE..." is another ten minutes of compelling argument against the need for vocals. Opener, PAPER CUT, is one long (but fairly engaging) build-up to its final, bursting crescendo of pummeling riff and hammering hi-hats, a ball-breaking ending steeped in energy and power. RIVER COTTAGE INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX is full of sections so mathy that nobody should be penalized for assuming that this is a badly rehearsed math band. Top marks for the verse in this one lads...da da da
da da da, DA! Who'd have thought?! THREE BRIDGES is an example of what Illness do best in it's purest form: hammer away unrelentingly at one idea for about two minutes, but how do they make it so catchy? And finally, the penultimate section of closing track, EARLY & RUDE is the band that Illness secretly want to be: it's all soul, soul, soul!


It's experimental instrumental rock music and its bloody ace

Surely one of the town’s best unsigned bands…Illness deliver taught, youthful spurts of noise
punctuated with rhythmic right turns and u-turns

Is 'dude-rock' now bigger in Brighton than Fosters, juggling and DJ Yoda? If Illness's big,
dumb racket is anything to go by, the answer's a big, dumb YES. Their Yankee
instrumentals remind so much of basement shows, my neck's starting to ache and
everything in my field of vision looks like an ugly girl with emotional problems
The Stool Pigeon

What seems to set them apart from most drums and guitar outfits is a real sense of melody
in their playing; like a stripped down homage to Pavement 's lo-fi pop musings.

JJ Dunning, The Fly

The Brighton Source

Illness exceed expectations in creating uplifting, positive instrumental rock that has this
infectious memorable quality and a raw, stripped-down, ramshackle sound.
Keep It Fast

The EP is threaded with melody and clever rhythmic variations, but succeeds on its sheer
intensity. Belying its eggheaded origins, proof that instrumental rock need not be the sole
preserve of the chin-stroking brigade
Alternative Ulster

A wonderfully, wonderfully uplifting blast of thundering instrumental post rock. This guitar
and drums duo have captured such a raw, energetically feelgood vibe in these '1 minute and
loose change' blasts of rhythmic joy that I really cannot recommend this enough

Rock Midgets

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