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Mid-Storm / Still Ending

Burning Alms

Catalogue: STA136. Smalltown America.


1 Mid-Storm / Still Ending
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2 Run Straight On The Asphalt
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Formed during 2012 around the long-running musical partnership of guitarist/vocalist John Biggs and drummer Tom Whitfield (both formerly of Calories & Distophia), the scope of Burning Alms quickly outgrew that of their previous projects. Inspired by artists as diverse as Hot Snakes, Glenn Branca, Swans and Sun Kil Moon, noisy-yet-catchy pop numbers rub shoulders with yearning acoustic ballads and droning avant-garde instrumental experiments, as ably demonstrated on their forthcoming album “In Sequence”.
“Mid-stom / Still Ending” is the first single taken from debut album, ‘In Sequence’. This track is largely based on a poetic vignette from Jean Toomers modernist novel ‘Cane’. Inspired by classic American literature, existentialism and the creeping, inevitable demise of our fragile environment, this song weaves a compelling narrative which disturbs and exhilarates in equal measure.
John Biggs states ‘This song is the first of a set of four tracks purposely grouped together on the album. Mid-storm / Still Ending / Night Climates / The Pastoral / Forest Clearing.There’s a mixed contrast of musical emotion that incorporates improvisation and lyrical repetition. In short, pretentious shizzel!”
Burning Alms may be new to the scene but they have great experience behind them which is the formulae for great things to come.
‘In Sequence’ will be available on Limited Transparent Vinyl LP and Digital Formats this summer.

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