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BATS are a science-core band from Dublin, and part of the Richter Collective.

BATS are a five-piece post-hardcore band from Dublin, Ireland formed in 2006 to preach the twin gospels of dancefloor-friendly punk rock and the scientific method. Their razor-sharp, three-guitar attack is spearheaded by vocalist, Rupert Morris alongside Conor McIntyre and Craig Potterton, while bassist, Timmy Moran and drummer, Noel Anderson round out the quintet. BATS took flight with their debut EP 'Cruel Sea Scientist' on the Richter Collective, and their 2009 debut album 'Red in Tooth & Claw' was produced in Salem, Massachusetts by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou.


  1. BATS – Red In Tooth & Claw

    Red In Tooth & Claw


    • CD